ended projects

As you may have noticed, crypto and especially DeFi is (very) risky. There are a lot of projects launched each week, but unfortunately also ended. The reasons can be different, like:
  • No more balance within the (smart)contract. This happens a lot within "miner" projects.
  • Rugpulls (the developers disappear with your money)
  • Just plain scam (promises are just not met)
  • Projects end because of other more legit problems like, no more developers, just no more demand
This page lists projects that I have invested in and ended in 2023, just to be transparent
  • 12/05: CryptoFrog (scam)
  • 07/05: MaxPread (scam)
  • 01/05: Piston token (contract drained)
  • 04/04: MyCat (rugged)
  • 04/03: Citadel (rugged)
  • 21/02: GrowMoney (scam)
  • 18/02: Baked Beans V2 (balance 0)
  • 12/02: Consolidate Trade Finance (rugged)
  • 10/02: Unlimited (contract balance drained)
  • 07/02: ValleySwap (rug pull)