DeFi tools

This page contains a list of handy tools I use within the DeFi space

Portfolio tools - overview of your DeFi portfolio


Lots of blockchain and protocols supported that gives you a nice overview of all your crypto assets.

App Zerion

Overview of your assets and also performance

DRIP Ecosystem tools - Tools related to Drip and Animal Farm


This is the tool that I use the most with a clear overview of my Drip.Community status and Animal Farm products. 

  • Overview of Drip
  • Drip hydrating calculator
  • Drip team overviews
  • Animal Farm products overview
  • Compound/withdraw within the tool 

Drip Community Wiki

Wiki of the Drip community

  • Handy links
  • Drip roadmap
  • Latest news around Drip
  • Other charts and tools

Drip Network ca

The Drip.Community number of wallet investors

Drip Garden analytics

Diagrams specifically related to the DripGarden product. Here you can see the price of the LPs and the value of DRIP/BUSD liquidity