High Yield Investment Projects (HYIP)
A HYIP is a high risk investment project that uses blockchain technology to receive funds. These funds are invested (mostly using AI bottrader technology) to earn yield. A list of such HYIP projects can be found here: https://www.hyipexplorer.com/
I have invested in the projects below.


Project Started: 
Yield: 0.6%-1.2% daily
Min investment: 100 $USDT TRC20
Deposit fee: No
Withdraw fee: 3%
Deposits locked: 365 days
Guide: -
Remarks: -

Crypto program

Project Started: 
Yield: 25% monthly
Min investment: $500 per package
Deposit fee: 0%
Withdraw fee: 0%
Deposits locked: Yes
Guide: -
Remarks: -