Real utility project with Poker games!

DeFi projects with real utility are rare. There are a lot of ROI and miner projects, in which you stake some tokens and earn the same token. This has a huge negative effect on the value of the token and usually you do not even ROI, unless you have a lot of referrals.

This is a project that just started in january 2023 and has real (gaming) utility. The project has started with Poker tournaments.

The project is created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and has a deflationary token: $SCP
t is a project where real poker players and crypto investors joined forces. Some other facts from the project:
  • There is a limited supply of 5,000,000 tokens which is good.
  • Antiwhale features: max amount wallet: 100,000 SCP, max 1% sell per transaction
  • Anti-bot feature: only 1 transaction within 5 secs
  • Buybacks
  • Burning: burn from token taxes, poker fee burning
  • Token tax: buy 5%, sell 6%
  • Played on any device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • More games and partnerships in 2023 to follow (also non-poker games)
Rakeback feature
Players can earn points by playing games and these points determine the monthly rakeback rank.
Screenshot 2023-02-04 103812jpg

The steps to join are easy:

  1. Register (
  2. Buy $SCP on PCS
  3. Deposit your $SCP to Smartchain Poker wallet: 0xE56b3283C129d59c72E2e823a625820624621B40
  4. Goto
  5. Login and Play !
At the moment I am only interested in the $SCP token because I think it can rise a lot (no financial advice of course! ;-))

Screenshot 2023-02-04 104153jpg