How to start with Nano Ledger hardware wallet

  • It was cheap, so good to start with. I wanted to get practical experience with the device before buying an expensive one (if even needed)
  • Support for Ethereum, Polygon, Tron and Binance Smart Chain and these are the blockchains I currently use

Setting up the device

  • Download Ledger Live app for Windows and install

  • Just follow the steps to create a pincode and the seedphrase (NEVER give these passwords away!)
    This takes some time because there are 24 words you have to write down and afterwards you have to verify each word on the device
  • Update Firmware (if you do not do this the Binance Smart Chain application is not available within the apps)

  • Install “Binance Smart Chain” app (in Manager of Ledger Live on Windows)

Creating an Account

Connecting with MetaMask

  • Click upper right button and select “Connect Hardware Wallet”
    (Be sure your Ledger is connected)

  • Choose Ledger and press Continue

  • Then you will see a list of addresses like the ones below

  • Go back to Ledger Live and select your created account.

  • And select the editing icon in the upper right corner

  • Now you can go back to your MetaMask settings and select the Account to use. This was the first in my list.

  • The newly created BSC address can also be viewed on
  • There is no BNB value within your wallet yet, so your are not able to make any transactions with this account
  • The coins are NOT actually on your Ledger but are on the BSC blockchain. The hardware wallet only contains the private key to approve transactions

Sending tokens to the wallet

Topup your account with BNB through MetaMask

  • You can select “Transfer Between Accounts”

  • Choose your Ledger Account and fill in the amount of $BNB that you want to sent. And of course approve the transaction.

Sending from your wallet

Device not connected

  • Try to sent BNB to another wallet address

  • Select “Transfer between my accounts”
  • Just select another wallet address, and Confirm
  • You will get an error message that the device is not connected

  • So the transaction fails

Transaction with connected device

  • When you confirm the device will show:
    “Review transaction”
  • Press right button, and the amount is shown: “Amount BNB 0.001”
  • The address is shown
  • The Network BSC
  • Max Fees BNB 0.000105
  • The Accept and Send

Last important notes

  • Bad smart contracts
  • Coins that you have staked on a project that get hacked