Getting incredible results with forextrading on Roboforex and copytrading in just 3 weeks

Amazing results

On 28-2-2023 I stepped into Forextrading. I described all the step needed in another article 
I wanted to try this out but thusfar the results are amazing!

I am subscribed to 2 DLXGainz trading bots:
Gold scalper and Xtreme and I started with a total of $1500.

Now my trading account is already at $2861, so almost doubled!

Below is a trading day with even 12% yield on 1 day!



Results are great but how do i get them back?
When you goto Funds - Withdraw Funds you get a couple of options:

Screenshot 2023-03-16 150424jpg

At the moment I have tried
  • VISA/Mastercard (Refund)
    This option worked for me because I deposited my Trading Accounts with creditcard. Note that you can only withdraw what you have deposited from this card.
  • VISA/MasterCard - VISA
    This option does not work, not even when I Authorized a new VISA card and used my cardScreenshot 2023-03-16 150733jpg
  • I did not try the SEPA option yet
  • I have added a new VISA card (my own bank card which was not verified yet at the moment of this writing)

Last Words

As always this is not financial advice! But just some crypto investment platforms I currently use and have experience with. Do your own research before investing and never deposit money you cannot afford to lose.
Feel free to ask me questions.

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Thanks, happy days and be safe !