Difficult times in DeFi land

These are difficult times and also for crypto investors. DeFi is risky and that's why I diversify a lot. And this is not without reason. I recently stepped into some projects which are already finished. This can be due to failed investments of these projects but also due to bad intentions like rug pulls. In these cases people of the projects just drain the contracts. 


Unfortunately this also happened to RelyFund. This was a project with 2% daily I wrote about earlier. There were also other projects:
  • Relyfund
  • Valleyswap 
    A project on the OASIS blockchain. I did not see this one coming, but this week suddenly the website did not exist anymore
  • YieldRobot
    Also rugged

So as you can see DeFi is risky. I think the following projects are also ending soon (i hope not but prices are dropping). They are definitely in the danger zone
  • Furio
  • BUSD Machine V3
  • Piston 
Fortunately there are still good projects. Look at my current top 5.