Also Forex trading is risky (of course)!

I recently blogged about Forextrading with Roboforex and was very exciting about it because of the amazing results. See

I was subscribed to 2 DLXGainz trading bots: Gold scalper and Xtreme and I started with a total of $1500. It was doubled soon, but then on one day I lost all of it ! The bot to which I subscribed was not that good after all. 
Note: This has nothing todo with the Roboforex platform but more on the bot I was subscribed to. With copy trading your account just copies the transactions the bot makes. So I stopped with those DLX trading bots and started with another one: SCALPINGDayTrading

For the moment this Bot gives better results but I also put less money into it.

Last Words

As always this is not financial advice! But just some crypto investment platforms I currently use and have experience with. Do your own research before investing and never deposit money you cannot afford to lose.
Feel free to ask me questions.

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Thanks, happy days and be safe !