365% APR with Pharaoh Farm Pot on Cairo Finance

I like to diversify a lot in DeFi crypto land. Today I started with this DApp: Pharaoh Farm Pot

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This is one of the products that is supporedt by Cairo Finance DApp. This blog describes the features of this platforms and how to use them.

Note: As always NO financial advice!

General overview

This Cairo Finance DApp is a fairly new project with a big roadmap. Not all products are live already so I will only mention them. I will not go into detail.

The following products are (or will be) supported by the project but not live yet:
  • A DEX called Cairo Swap
    Best path for the best swap price and even a burning mechanism of CAF token with each swap
  • Bridge
    DeFi users can bridge native assets on the Cairo Bridge within a single transaction. For example, users can swap USDC on Ethereum for USDC on BNB.
  • Compounding Farm
    This Horus Farm is an all-seeing eye, which scans all projects on the entire market and finds out the most profitable farms / pools, sorting them by different criteria, like yield and audits. And it is automatically compounded
  • Prediction
    Predicting the price of BNB going up or down. This is another mechanism to burn CAF tokens.
  • Cairo Bank
    Lock your CAF tokens (1-4 years) and receive CAF, BUSD and other tokens as yield
  • Crace NFT
    CRace is a combination of 2 significantly growing multi-billion-dollar markets: video gaming, and camel racing, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.
  • Mechandising
    You can buy some merchandising stuff that will burn CAF tokens
  • Launchpad
    It is a fundraising platform for young and ambitious crypto projects to achieve their goals and visions faster. To offer the best and easiest launchpad on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Casino
    This is actually live but not in my region so not able to show
The products that are live will be described next. 

Pharaoh Farm Pot

This is an ROI product with up to 1% daily. Nothing new you should say, but there is a twich. You cannot compound. The only way to increase your deposits is by referrals.  Upon reaching 365% returns, the user must double their initial deposit to maintain their profits and avoid losing their structure.   You can save rewards for the double up or you can create a new account and enjoy advantages of compound interest.


Standard: 0.30% Daily Payout
Over 2,500,000 CAF 0.50% Daily Payout
Over 5,000,000 CAF 0.75% Daily Payout
Over 10,000,000 CAF 1.00% Daily Payout


There are 7 levels with the first level rewards 10%, level 2 2.5% and the rest of the levels 0.5%


For sustainability you have to pay taxes: 15% at deposit and 10% at withdrawal. There are also additional withdraw taxes when you have a certain portion of the total Farm Pot.

  • There is a minimum deposit of 100 CAF (around $22 at the time of this writing)
More detailed information can also be read at the documentation.


So how can you invest within the Farm Pot.

1) Buy CAF token on PCS (address)
2) Goto https://cairofinance.app/farmpot
3) Deposit the amount (in my example 600 CAF).
     Note: Don't forget to fill in referrer address. You can use mine:  0x28f11DE1CD4Daf3c722EEdbefe68c3F6439283Ed
Screenshot 2023-03-01 182521jpg

After you have deposited the CAF you can follow your progress at the top.
Screenshot 2023-03-01 182955jpg
You will see:
  • Deposits (510 CAF in this case = 600 - (0,15*600)) due to 15% deposit taxes
  • Max payout 1861 CAF (510 * 3,65)
  • Available (nothing yet because just deposited)
  • Referral Rewards (I have no team yet, so nothing there yet)
  • Claimed (I have not claimed yet)
  • Team (the number of team members)
I have also staked some CAF tokens.

Free tokens for the Farm Pot

I can give away 100 CAF tokens (worth around $25) to be used for the Farm Pot! And this for 5 users. So as long as I have them please DM me on Telegram and I will sent you the tokens.
Of course it is appreciated that you actually use the tokens for the Farm Pot and do not sell them. Furthermore please use my referral address:  0x28f11DE1CD4Daf3c722EEdbefe68c3F6439283Ed


You also have another possibility to earn more CAF tokens, namely by staking them. There are 2 Farms and 1 Pool.

Screenshot 2023-03-01 183837jpg
Screenshot 2023-03-01 185855jpg
  • Each Farm/Pool will earn CAF
  • APYs are variable depending on how much CAF is deposited
  • The duration of the farm/pool is shown
  • The farms/pools are handled by UNICRYPT
Click on Stake Now to start staking. In the following example I have chosen for the CAF Pool.

1) Connect wallet
Screenshot 2023-03-01 190834jpg
2) Hit Subscribe !! 
Note: If you don't do this you will get no rewards. The earning only begins when you are subscribed. I forgot to do this and did not understand why the rewards kept 0 CAF ;-)

3) Then there is a lot of information on the screen
Screenshot 2023-03-01 191545jpg

When staking all that is important is 7 + 8 (I assume that CAF is already bought). 

  • (7) Fill in the amount you want to stake
  • (8) Get extra percentage CAF when locking for extra days. 
    Note: You can also choose not to lock your stake

The rest of the fields is for information purposes only:
(1) The APR of the Pool
(2) The total value locked within the Pool
(3) The total number of CAF staked within the Pool
(4) The number of stakers
(5) Your Farming Pool
(6) Your stakes and time boost
Note: You can even extra boost your rewards by staking some UNCL tokens
(9) The staking fee is 0.06 BNB

You can always harvest your earnings and you can withdraw your stake after the locking period (which you configured). 

Copytrading NFT

Another product is the Copy Trading NFTs. I did not participate in it (yet), but it gives you some additional benefits like:





  • 50% discount on NFT PHARAOH VC CLUB

 Screenshot 2023-03-02 103229jpg


Farm Pot: https://cairofinance.app/farmpot
CAF chart: https://poocoin.app/tokens/0x5662ac531a2737c3db8901e982b43327a2fde2ae
Documentatio: https://pharao.gitbook.io/cairo-finance/